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Firstly Lets Define What We Mean By Popular

PopularPopular lottery numbers can mean 2 very different things. Which can help you or hurt you depending on which one you use.

Because most lottery games are pari-mutuel that means they pay out the jackpot to everybody who matches all the winnings numbers for that draw. You probably knew that. But what that does mean though is that if a combination of popular numbers gets draw, then those people who played those numbers are going to be very happy for all of about 5 minutes. That is, until they realise just how many people have won, and how little their jackpot payout just became.

Think I’m over-reacting?

It has happened in the past. Hundreds of winners have come forward to claim a prize. There are also lots of combinations – even crazy ones like 1,2,3,4,5,6 – which are played by hundreds of people very week. In the case of 1,2,3,4,5,6 it’s people thinking they are clever (“it’s just as likely to win as anything else”), only they won’t feel quite so clever when they get paid out a few thousand instead of a million!

Other popular combinations are things like multiples of 7, or specific shapes on the play slip, or lucky numbers. Play those numbers and you are more likely to end up sharing.

The other meaning of popular lottery numbers is simply those that are drawn more often, or more often over a certain period of time. Sometimes referred to as more frequent, or hot numbers (though that has different meanings too, so it’s easy to get confused).

Why would we care about those? Well, because there is a simply theory that those numbers that are showing up more frequently will continue to do so. It’s based on sound maths and science, and in theory at least can give you an edge that others ignoring such things won’t have. It’s no miracle lottery beater but every little helps, especially when you’re dealing with big jackpot odds.

There was have, at least we both now know what people might mean when they are talking about popular numbers. You just need to make sure which version they are referring to before you put them right.