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Where To Buy Winning Lottery Tickets?

Where to buy tickets?Luck is a funny thing. Even though most people would not call themselves superstitious, it doesn’t seem to stop us behaving just like we are!

Here’s what I mean.

You can buy lottery tickets pretty much anywhere, even increasingly online these days. All it takes though to make us go crazy and get all superstitious (without admitting it) is to hear a news story about a ‘lucky lottery store’.

The idea of a store that is more lucky than others is awesome. Obviously it would be worth travelling there to buy winning tickets!

If only it were true 🙂

The reality is that there are thousands of lottery stores. At some point, eventually, all of them will sell a big winning ticket. It will take a long time, but will eventually happen. Simply because it’s happening totally randomly.

Why then do some stores sell more winning lottery tickets than others?

This is simply because some stores sell a hell of a lot more tickets than other stores. Think about it, a big main street retailer is going to have thousands more customers than a tiny back street kiosk. That means they will sell thousands more tickets every single week.

To put that another way – if your stores sells 100 tickets a week, and the mega store in the city sells 10,000 tickets a week. Well, that means the mega store is 100 times more likely to be the seller of a big winner.

Should I buy tickets from lucky stores then?

If you like. It cannot hurt your chances of buying a winning ticket. But it cannot help them either.

This is the same deal for scratch-off tickets or draw based games.

So why do some lottery companies encourage this idea of lucky stores?

It’s a bit naughty really. It’s because they like to subtly encourage the feeling that you can take some really simple action like driving to a different store and get a much better chance of hitting a jackpot. Just like parading the big winners at press conferences, it helps to sell more tickets.

It is all bad news?

No. Not at all. There are things that can help you become a big winner – it’s just that this isn’t one of them. Be careful about which games you choose to play – as that can help a lot. Maybe try and avoid those really popular numbers too. Don’t play too many different games either, choose one game and focus everything on that one. It will help you a lot more in the long run.